Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D

Biographical Sketch

Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D. is a professor of education at Prairie View A & M University and President of Educational Concepts LLC. He has authored numerous books and articles ranging from helping parents become more involved with their children’s learning, “Parents Need Help Too: A guide for parents of school-age children,” to aiding teachers in effectively working with diverse learners, “Culturally Responsive Educational Theories: A practical guide with case studies for improving the academic performance of diverse learners.”  These products provide the framework for Dr. Tanner’s mission and research. 

Academic Background:

Dr. Tanner received his Bachelor of Arts in History Education from Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina. He received his Master of Education in School Administration and Supervision from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dr. Tanner completed his doctoral studies in Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.

Mission, Research, and Experiences:

Dr. Tanner is a full professor Prairie View A & M University. Early in his career, Dr. Tanner was a middle and high school teacher, middle and high school principal and central office school administrator. Dr. Tanner’s research and philosophy are firmly planted in the belief that all students can learn, and if provided a culturally active classroom environment they can learn with exceptionality. As a father and educator, he believes parents want the best for their children, and with the right approach, the necessary trust can be created to build a powerful home and school partnerships. To that end, he is committed and dedicated to developing the tools necessary for educators and parents to experience success with all children.    

Founder and CEO of Educational Concepts, LLC:

Educational Concepts is a full-service educational consulting company. Our consultants have been an active part of the academic learning community for over fifteen years. Many of our consultants have earned doctorates in education and have pioneered research on a variety of educational topics evidenced in a cadre of national and international workshops, conferences, and publications.

We believe that our children are our greatest asset. To preserve this asset, we provide the training, skill set, and research-based professional services to meet the unique needs of your campus.

We treat our clients’ issues as our own and offer innovative solutions from each client’s perspective. Our approach gives our clients the edge they need to compete and succeed in today’s evolving academic and learning environment. Our extensive experiences, allow us to provide superior services in the areas of diversity, resiliency, pedagogical practice, building a trusting home and school partnerships, and overall school and administrative improvement through long-term consulting partnerships.

Consulting Background:

As a consultant, he has facilitated exciting research-based workshops for more than 100,000 educators, parents, schools districts, universities, business, conferences, and government agencies.  

Closing the Achievement Gap: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Increased Parental Involvement

Dr. Tanner’s research and experience have shown that when culturally responsive strategies are used, student achievement increases and with it, parental involvement. This workshop takes participants through an overview of research-based theories, which explain many of the causes behind low achievement in historically under-served populations. With each theory, participants will be invited to connect the information to their own current experience and apply adjustments to their approach, incorporating strategies to reach students and their parents.

Building Trust: The Nature of Trust and Distrust

Establishing, nurturing and maintaining interpersonal relationships with students and parents are an essential part of effectively reaching and teaching under-served populations. This workshop will explore the influences of researched based theories such as Cultural Ecology, Deficit Theory, and Critical Race Theory. These theories and many others provide a basis for understanding the lack of trust that many students and parents have with the educational system. Participants will learn the reasons behind this distrust and will walk away armed with strategies to build effective trusting relationships with all stakeholders.

Effective Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Strategies

As teachers of diverse populations, it is essential that we are equipped with strategies to help us effectively reach the various cultures we encounter. This workshop walks the participants through many different culturally responsive educational theories and explains the connection each of these theories has with effective classroom management. Participants will come away armed with a new set of tools with which to create culturally responsive lessons that will, in turn, create well managed, effective classrooms.

Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Culturally responsive teaching is rarely taught as part of teacher preparation coursework. As a result, many teachers feel underprepared to meet the needs of the wide variety of students they encounter in their classrooms. Through an exploration of research-based theories regarding learning styles, locus of control, and culturally responsive theories, participants will gain a new understanding of the children they teach and how to effectively instruct each and every one of them. This workshop helps teachers to understand that it is indeed true that “all children can learn,” if you are equipped with the proper tools to effectively reach them. If you have felt underprepared to reach your diverse classroom needs, this workshop is the perfect place for you to start.       

Culturally Responsive Parent Involvement

There are a wide variety of culturally based reasons that parents are not actively involved in their students’ education and/or school. This workshop will explore, in detail, many of those reasons, providing explanations and strategies for increasing the involvement of parents.

Learning Styles: Tapping into your students’ learning styles

Knowing your students’ learning styles is essential to increasing their achievement and engagement in the material of your class. This workshop will explore the research behind Global and Analytical learning styles. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of these two learning styles and will have practical ideas for applying this knowledge to their teaching.

Increasing Parent Involvement Strategies

This workshop outlines effective strategies and programs for increasing parental involvement in your school. Participants will gain an understanding for the reasons for a lack of involvement and will gain valuable information for encouraging parents to become involved in their child’s education.

Editorial Positions

Editor, The Journal of Educational Concepts Houston, Texas (2008-present)
Associate Editor, The National Journal of Urban Education and Practice

Texas Southern University/Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas (2006-present) Associate Editor, The International Journal of the Humanities (Appointment: Spring 2007 to Fall 2007).
Associate Editor, The International Journal of Learning (Appointment: Fall 2007-Spring 2008).
Editorial Reviewer,   (EAQ) Journal of Educational Administration Quarterly (Appointment: Fall 2010).
Editorial Review Board, The Journal of the Texas Association of Black School Educators (Appointment: Fall 2007 to Present)
Editorial Reviewer,  (AERA) American Education Research Journal (Appointment: Fall 2008).
Editorial Reviewer, The International Journal of Humanity (Appointment: Spring 2007).
Editorial Reviewer, Multicultural Learning and teaching Journal (online) (Appointment: 2007).
Editorial Reviewer, Journal of the Alliance of Black School Educators (Appointment 2006).
Proposal, Reviewer, International Learning Conference (Appointment 2006).
Proposal Reviewer, International Race, Gender, Class Conference New Orleans, LA. (Appointment 2006).
Proposal Reviewer, Association of Teacher Educators (Appointment 2005).

Tanner’s services:

The below list represents a sample of the business and district that have utilized Dr. Tanner services:

Aldine Independent School District
Beaumont Independent School District
Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
Fort Bend Independent School District
Houston Independent School District
Spring Independent School District
Ypsilanti School District
Region 12 Service Center
Good Hope Baptist Church
Houston C.A.N. Academy
University of Houston
Texas A & M University
Texas Southern University
American Educational Research Association conference (AERA)
Association for the Advancement of Educational Research
National Alliance of Black School Educators
National Association of African-American Studies and Affiliates
Society for Research in Adult Development
Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA)
Texas Alliance of Black School Educators conference (TABSE)

Available Trainings:

Culturally Responsive Workshops: Closing Achievement & Behavioral Gaps
Culturally Responsive Education Certification
Learning Styles Inventory App
Student Enrichment Programs
Leadership Retreats
Survey development and interpretation
Customized data desegregation and interpretation with campus leadership team
Collaborative Friends Groups
Professional Book Study Groups
Small Action Research Projects
Small Group Professional Development during Planning or Departmental meetings
Routine visits to reinforce campus professional development goals
Publication Services
Customized workshops

Contact Information:

Dr. Tanner can be reached by e-mail at drtyronetanner@gmail.com or info@educationalconcepts4you.com.  You can visit Dr. Tanner on the web site at www.tyronetanner.com.

Address:                 12320 Barker Cypress Road, Suite 600-111, Cypress, TX 77429

Phone #:                 888-630-6650

Fax #:                     877-310-6692