Available Trainings:

  • Culturally Responsive Workshops: Closing Achievement & Behavioral Gaps
  • Culturally Responsive Education Certification
  • Learning Styles Inventory App
  • Student Enrichment Programs
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Survey development and interpretation
  • Customized data desegregation and interpretation with campus leadership team
  • Collaborative Friends Groups
  • Professional Book Study Groups
  • Small Action Research Projects
  • Small Group Professional Development during Planning or Departmental meetings
  • Routine visits to reinforce campus professional development goals
  • Publication Services
  • Customized workshops

Contact Information:

For more information on the services and products provided by Dr. Tanner,  please e-mail him at drtyronetanner@gmail.com.  

Address:                 12320 Barker Cypress Road, Suite 600-111, Cypress, TX 77429

Phone #:                 888-630-6650

Fax #:                     877-310-6692